Quotes enable us to breathe – Ngozi Adichie

“Afterwards they would return to America to fight on the Internet over their mythologies of home, because home was now a blurred place between here and there, and at least online they could ignore the awareness of how inconsequential they had become”.

Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie

Americanah 2013, pp.118

About Home – Eyre

“No need to worry
There’s no urgency here
I’m all good
I’ll be on my way
I’m too proud to say I need
Anyone else but me
Then I’m right back on my street

And I find myself at home
No, never be scared
Home’s where my family’s at
I’m home
No, I’ll never look back
Hold on to what I have
I’m not afraid to use the phone
‘Cause I don’t have to be alone
No, never be scared
Home, so I find myself at home…”

Ella Eyre – Home