Quotes enable us to breathe – Caro

“What is a city? Well the city is many things. But, one of the things that a city is, is a home to its people. If you think of the great cities of history, Athens is glory. Rome is grandeur and power. Let-s say Paris is culture. What is New York? New York is a home. New York’s great gift was that people from all over the world could come here and create their own communities. Their own neighborhoods. So people felt a sense of community.  A sense of belonging. A sense of neighborhood. That’s really the basis of human endeavor. If people feel like they can belong, they can go on to do other things. Now all of a sudden, that was going to be harder for New York than ever before, because at this crucial moment in the cities history, the city looses it’s way. Where as before   neighborhoods were created, now neighborhoods are destroyed.”

Roberto Caro

Interviewed by Ric Burns for PBS, expert from “New York: A Documentary (1999), Episode 7, City and the world”